The perfect tool for transporting ladder systems on the roof of your vehicle.


Fast, safe and simple ladder transportation

The LadderStow provides an easy-to-use and ergonomic solution for loading and unloading ladders on low roof commercial vehicles. – The LadderStow eliminates the need to stretch or climb on a tyre to access a ladder stored on the vehicle’s roof, which is a considerable health and safety risk.

Features: Adjustable guideposts

The LadderStow features adjustable guideposts to accommodate up to three nested ladder sections.

Interested in the LadderStow?

Adjustable strap and buckle

An adjustable strap and buckle for fixing the ladder in place can be found at the rear of the LadderStow.

Interested in the LadderStow?

Extensively Tested

The LadderStow has undergone extensive internal testing, as well as being independently 20g crash tested.

Interested in the LadderStow?

Technical Fitting Key Features Safety
  • Side rails:
    Aluminium 6060 T6 (Anodised clear)
  • Belt strap assembly:
    100% polyester
  • Guide post:
    Composites (Econyl GF30%)
Tools For The Job:
  • 1x spanner 10mm
  • 1x spanner 13mm
  • Allen key (included)
  • Ladder

Fitting instructions are supplied with the product, please follow all guidance notes.

  • Can accommodate up to 3 nested ladder sections
  • Made from corrosion resistant clear anodised aluminium and low weight / high strength ratio composites.
  • Adjustable guideposts for accommodating different ladder types
  • Adjustable strap and buckle for fixing ladder in place at the rear
  • Extensively internally tested.
  • Independently 20g crash tested.

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