Rhino roof rack used on Top Gear Christmas sleigh race

From being used for stunts in movies, to carrying all sorts of weird and wonderful things, we’ve seen our commercial vehicle accessories put to all manner of unusual uses over the years. But the team behind BBC’s Top Gear may well have come up with our favourite one yet…

During the of finale the long-running and much loved show’s 2021 Christmas Special, presenters Freddie, Chris and Paddy raced around the Top Gear track each dressed as Father Christmas and with a sleigh full of presents in tow. But, anyone who owns a Rhino Products ModularRack may have noticed something very familiar about the bottom of these sleighs…they were built on inverted Rhino roof racks!

Eagle-eyed viewers might have spotted our iconic rhino emblem upside-down in the middle of the sleigh rails.

The rules of the race were simple – get over the finish line as quickly as possible, but for every present that was lost along the way there was a five second time penalty.

For this final challenge, the three presenters lined up in their ‘car secret santa’ vehicles they had taken for a festive road trip across Britain earlier in the episode. But once they got going, the presents didn’t didn’t stay in the sleighs for long!

Now, while we pride ourselves on the incredible durability of our van roof racks, and have many of our products externally crash tested to well above industry standards, this race really put our ModularRack through its paces. And despite a few near misses where the sleighs nearly collided, we were pleased to see all three make it over the finish line in one piece.

And in the end (despite a very questionable shortcut), it was Freddie Flintoff’s Range Rover that won the race and was also named ultimate car for Christmas.

You can watch the full episode here, with the sleigh race starting at around 49 minutes in.



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