Rhino expand with new mezzanine production line!

With demand for the incredibly popular SafeClamp higher than ever, Rhino have invested in opening two new production lines on a mezzanine floor in their head office, Rhino House.

In 2020, Rhino Products moved into a dedicated 87,250 sqft office and factory in Ellesmere Port, to support exciting future growth and expansion plans. With two mezzanine floors, a large production floor space, modern offices and canteen, the new building is the perfect home to continue Rhino’s exciting growth.

When moving into the new facility, Rhino ensured that there was enough room to continue on their upwards growth trajectory, with additional shop floor, racking and mezzanine space, which has now allowed room for a new production line!

In 2013, Rhino Products released a revolutionary ladder clamping product – the SafeClamp. The Rhino SafeClamp uses a composite bean structure and stainless steel anchor hook to offer high strength ladder clamping, offering a ‘one touch’ clamping method, ensuring an operation five times quicker than traditional screw down ladder lamps.

Proving to be one of Rhino’s most popular products within the range, further production lines were needed in order to keep up with the high customer demand. Subsequently, a significant investment has been injected into a new SafeClamp line, occupying one of the previously empty mezzanine floors. The investment, further supporting Rhino’s new growth, also saw three new members of staff hired from the local area.

The new line increases SafeClamp production significantly, doubling the production from a previous 500 pairs per day to 1000 pairs with the new production line.

When building Rhino House, we ensured that alongside modern office and factory spaces, we allowed for additional room to facilitate our ambitious growth plans. I am extremely proud that in less than two years since our initial move, we are already utilising the additional space for further production lines.

Steve Egerton, Group CEO

To learn more about the Rhino SafeClamp click here. To find out where to buy, click here.


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