Rear Door Ladder

Rear door ladders are a safe and easy way to reach the roof of your vehicle.

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Rhino's Rear Door Ladder

Rhino’s rear door ladders have been designed with user-friendly round hand rails and anti-slip tread plates to enhance safety.  Bespoke fitting kits (available for most popular van models) make installation quick and easy.

Bespoke fitting ladders

In order to improve installation, we have bespoke fitting kits which allow for quick and easy fitting.

Plates supplied within the kits are specific to vehicle models and give additional strength to the door, whilst acting as a template to mark out the positions of holes prior to drilling. Each ladder is finished with a 2 part electroplate primer and powder coated paint process, enabling over 1000 hours salt spray corrosion protection with ultimate durability.

– 6 step, 7 step and 8 step ladders available
– Round ergonomic tubes on side
– Anti-slip tread on steps

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