Partner Portal Bulletin: Price Application Updates 2021 v4.0

Please note the following changes have been made to the Price Application v4.0

New Products

  • NEW VAN: The e-Deliver 3 is now available in the price application, products available are:
    • KammBar, (new codes XD2KS and XD3KS) KammBar Accessories, LadderStow, SafeClamp, and PipeTube Pro.
    • Only products for the L1 version are available for now, we will inform you when products for the other versions are added.

Discontinued products:

  • The following AccessStep codes have been removed from the app due to being made obsolete: SS212B, SS212BR, SS312B, SS312BR, SS212Y, SS212YR, SS312Y, SS312YR.
  • QA2KS – removed from app as this code is now obsolete.
  • Replaced codes GA23KS, GA33KS, TA23KS, and TA33KS with GA2KS, GA3KS, TA2KS, and TA3KS respectively. The former codes are now obsolete.


  • Amended dimensions in Aluminium Racks for AH683, AH684, AH676, and AH677.
  • Deleted Kammbar (KD4KS) appearance in Aluminium Racks (this was an error).
  • Updated weights for PipeTube Pro.
  • Added in AH566 and AH686 to ali rack matrix.
  • New additional comment for Ford Transit Connect aerial fin as this may interfere with bars and racks.
  • Weights added in for R659, R661, and R663 in the matrix.
  • Additional Comment added for MAN TGE AccessStep and TowStep stating: ‘Our fixed steps are not compatible with factory fitted steps’. All comments for VW Crafter 2017 onwards replicated for the MAN TGE.
  • Corrected codes within AH608 (ABP204 to ABP104, AR102 to AR202).
  • Corrected roof heights for AH684 and KD4KS for Volkswagen Caddy 2020 Onwards from ‘H2’ to ‘H1’.

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