Rhino Products announce new PipeTube Pro

Rhino Products have announced the launch of a new PipeTube!

The PipeTube Pro Pro represents the first major redesign of Rhino’s top-selling PipeTube since its launch in 2005. With all new features, the PipeTube pro is guaranteed to be a new Rhino customer favourite. 

The new product features are as follows: 

  • Bold aesthetics: striking new powder-coated paint finish and exterior design features
  • All new nose cone and adjoining sleeve
  • Enhanced theft deterrence: locking system housed within main extrusion
  • O-ring seal to reduce water ingress
  • Available with full length PVC lining to reduce oxidation process and protect items stored inside from discolouration

The new PipeTube Pro will be available in the coming months, ensure that you check back for future updates. 


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