Header Mongolia are Mongol Rally ready with Rhino bespoke roof rack!

Rhino Products have built a bespoke aluminium roof rack for team Header Mongolia Sport, who are taking on the challenge of the Mongol Rally this summer!

Rhino Products are proud to be sponsoring team Header Mongolia Sport, as they take on the challenge of the 2022 Mongol Rally! Described as the greatest motoring adventure on the planet, the Mongol Rally is not for the faint hearted – with no set route, no backup and no guarantee you’ll make it to the end, entrants aren’t taking on your regular run of the mill rally.

The rally will see Header Mongolia Sport (made up of dad and son duo James & Ben) take on the 10,000 mile journey from their starting point in Corby UK, ending in Oman. James and Ben will be travelling through numerous countries, mountain ranges and deserts, all in James’ 92 year old mum’s 1.2 VW Polo!

With their car taking on the most extreme conditions through sun, sand, rain and deserts, Team Header Mongolia Sport needed a roof rack to carry the few supplies that they’re able to take with them on their trip. That’s where Rhino come in!

The team had previously seen Rhino roof racks on the road, and contacted us to see if we were up for the challenge of designing a roof rack that will survive the elements, supporting them in reaching Oman in their car. Normally known to be a roof rack graveyard, the Mongol Rally will be truly be putting this bespoke roof rack to the test!

We interviewed James and Ben to get their thoughts on their upcoming challenge, check it out below!

We’ll be keeping up to date with the Rally and the build-up over on our social media channels throughout the summer – make sure that you’re following us to see the latest news and info from the team along the way.


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