Blog: It’s time to race – Aaron Morgan, Team BRIT

Last month we announced that we are official sponsors of Team BRIT racing driver, Aaron Morgan, as well as corporate sponsors of the team for the 2021 season. Aaron has shared with Rhino a blog post, in the build up to the first race of the season this month.

‘The immediate days and weeks before a race always feel a bit like the lead up to Christmas for me. It’s hard to explain the excitement and adrenaline that starts to build when you know you’re so close to one of the most important weekends of the year.

Having raced for many years, the winter ‘lull’ in the off-season is something I’m very used to but it always feels longer than it actually is!  Covid has certainly made that worse.  Now, it’s time to pick ourselves up and think positive.  The whole world has been through so much, and we’re lucky to be safe, healthy and able to pick up the sport that we love.

I’ve got through it by focusing on my fitness. I’ve put together a circuit near my house, where I go out for a few miles in my wheelchair each day. I also handcycle regularly.  The Covid lockdown has meant the online racing world has become even more popular.  I don’t have a full home sim set up yet so haven’t been able to take part in the eTeam BRIT series, but at the same time I have enjoyed watching my team mates race F1 legend Jenson Button on one occasion. I’ve been racing on the Playstation which has kept my mind focused on the track.

The first race of the year is at Silverstone – such an iconic track for British racing. Knowing this is where many of the F1 legends race is something quite special. It’s also where I feel I had my best race last year so I’m feeling confident that I can at least match my 2020 performance, if not better it.

Last year was first season in the Aston Martin, so with that rookie year under my belt, I’m focused on improving my lap times and pushing for better positions. I’m also pleased to be back alongside my teammate, Bobby Trundley.  We set the foundations last year and I’m confident we can build on this.

I honestly believe our team is in incredible shape this year.  We have such an amazing sense of camaraderie, and the team is full of people who are fantastic to be around.  I’m so pleased the same drivers from last year are returning as we have a real friendship and banter that’s hard to match.

Please look out for our updates across the race weekend. There’ll be so much going on with Bobby and I racing on Saturday and the 2 BMWs out in the Trophy Category on Sunday. Hopefully we can welcome you to the garages at a race in person later in the year.

Thanks for your support guys!’

We would like to wish Aaron and Team BRIT the best of luck as they enter into the 2021 season!


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