Bespoke solution for Sky provided by Rhino Products

Sky approached Rhino Products to develop a specific transport solution for their fleet of over 900 vans. Sky were aware of Rhino products, and knew that Rhino Products do not compromise on safety.

vwcaddysky The Sky installation team were finding that loading and unloading custom CAT ladders from standard roof bars was becoming increasingly difficult, due to the wheels on the ladders and the amount of times that the engineers have to perform this action throughout the day. Sky required :

  • A safe method of loading / unloading
  • A secure method of transporting bespoke ladders

Rhino Products met with Sky to discuss this problem, and after several further meetings with Rhino Products’ highly trained engineers, a solution was found. The solution was a hybrid of a current product the LadderStow, and this new product was put through it’s paces internally, on 3D Stress tests. Once the engineers were satisfied with the internal testing, the product was sent for third party testing and was 20G crash tested in the U.K. The solution is currently being rolled out to all 900 vehicles and a strong relationship was formed between Sky and Rhino Products.    

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